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Cumming, Turner & Watt Property Management    

Why pay a management fee ?
Cumming Turner & Watt is a professional property manager. We work for the owners within each property to co-ordinate trades involved in repairs. When asked, we organise tradesmen for common repairs and maintenance. We also look after ground burdens, insurance, etc. for you and your neighbours. We calculate each owners share and render in half-yearly or quarterly accounts. We liaise with factors/owners of adjoining property for mutual repairs.

How our billing systems works
How are we paid, this is twice or four times a year, we send you an invoice for your share of the common repairs or insurance charged during the previous three/six months and our management fee. Thus we are paid in arrears for tradesmen’s accounts and other expenses run up on your behalf. We therefore expect prompt payment of your accounts. This is charged per each property’s title deeds (deeds of conditions).

The Float
It’s a one-time deposit of an agreed sum to ease cash flow problems between the time we pay your day-to-day bills and recoups the money from you. Repairs can - and do- happen anytime. The float allows us to pay tradesmen without tying up borrowed money for months at a time. Remember we deal with hundreds, perhaps thousands of owners like yourself. In many newer properties the Deed of Conditions stipulated that a float should be paid to the factor upon taking ownership of the property and in many cases an amount is detailed.

Methods of Payment

Credit/Debit Cards Cheque/Postal Orders

Budget Scheme’s these details can be provide on request

Please contact our team to discuss your needs.